Creative portrait photography sessions

Capture those special moments with the people you love and in an environment close to your heart. Portraits are all about capturing a person or persons in a precise moment of time. Portraits were once only about facial expressions. But creative photographers look for much more than that, such as personality or mood and we can use traditional and modern photographic techniques to create any effect.

Creative portrait photography sessions from £48

Wedding photography and videography from £395

We specialise in relaxed and informal wedding photography, working on the principle that you may want a lot of lovely photos of your wedding, but you may prefer not to get too involved in the process when you have much more interesting things to be thinking about.


  • Pre wedding photo- shoot – 1hour photo-shoot of wedding items or happy couple
  • Evening – casual/ unobtrusive documentary of first dance and evening fun 1-2 hours

Photographer Stuart Kean
Photographer Lauren Wright
Model Lorna Dziombak
Makeup and Stylist Shirley Whysall

Your Pictures on canvas in 1 hour using We offer professional quality, on-site printing for an affordable price at all of our branches based across the Midlands. We also offer an online mail order service via the website above.