School and community projects

Bertie the Bus

Bertie the Bus has an exciting fortnightly programme of creative activities for local families in the Staffordshire area. We bring creative fun directly to the heart of the community, uniting families with young children. Staff will also be able to inform parents of other services relevant to their child’s education and well-being. The bus enables families who might not otherwise be involved in services in the area to find out more about local opportunities and services, all whilst creating wonderful art pieces and singing songs.
We are funded by Staffordshire County Council who commission Stafford based social enterprise Mediadivas to manage it and deliver activities for young families in the area.

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Please contact Dawn Jutton, from MediaDivas for more details.
Call/Text: 079089 24144
Twitter: @BertieMobile or search and like ‘Bertie the Bus’ on Facebook.

Community and school New media training and workshops from £195

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May Bank Infants School – New media, Photography, Art and Literacy Projects
Art, Literacy and ICT Workshop for 175 children Create a design work for the school website and gather material to advertise the school.

Project 1 Reception:
“My Day At School” involving drawings and commentary about their first day at school. This project created a promotional film to show to new/ prospective students.
Project 2 year 1:
Photography project teaching the children how to build up photo montages to represent different areas of the school. These images where then turned into interactive Virtual Reality videos to enable website users to tour the school.
Project 3 year 2:
Interviews with teachers to create interactive “questions and answers” section. Children draw the teachers, some backgrounds for the interviews and write questions to ask. then they take it in turns to film and ask questions.

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Park High School – 

English and Art Project
Two groups of students created 5 120cm2 canvas collages over two days.
The first group collaged text phrases about life in school into photographs of the school taken in the morning.
The second group on the second day created 3 collages from articles about extra curriculum activities that they had done.
The course was written to help the students use photography and word processing equipment, and to develop their creative writing in a fun way.
Details> key stage> 3 class size> 12 day 1, 18 on day 2
My role> Wrote and taught digital photography, IT arts and english workshops


Pupil Referral Unit Stafford – New media Projects

Project 1, “Lifestyle Icons” students created self portraits using mosaics. Student’s discussed the term ‘icon’ in modern society then created mood and colour boards of items or people they like from old magazines. The following lesson they learnt about digital photography and set about taking photographs. These where then edited by the students using computers and combined with their collages to create a set of small images to build their final mosaic.
Project 2, animation using digital cameras, video, time-lapse photography, model making and drawing. The students experimented with different animation techniques in groups and individually. They then used these skills as a group to develop and produce a stop motion animation with sound effects and music.
Details> key stage> 2-3, class size> 5-7
My role> Wrote and taught art and media workshops.

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Mary Hill High School – Photography and Art Project
Art and media workshops to develop ideas through a sequence of art, photography and IT projects. Encouraging 2 groups over 2 days to produce 4 large images about ‘hands’ and ‘litter’ now displayed in the school hall.
Details> key stage> 2-3, class size> 16-20
My role> Art and Media Workshop Assistant


Youth Offenders Video – Drama and Videography Project
DVD created across 4 schools around Staffordshire, funded by QLS Staffordshire. Involved students, teachers, staff and anyone else we could find to act, help with camera/ sound work and develop story boards.
Details> key stage> 2-4, class size> 3-30 depending on location
My role> Video/film Workshop Assistant


Chase-It – Video and Photography Workshops
Teaching video editing to children on the Chase-it young persons activity scheme. They developed their own promotional documentary about the activates they had done over the holidays. As a group they organised and brought together photographs, music, and drawings into a 10min film which was shown during their final fun day.
Details> key stage> 2-3, class size> 16-20
My role> Video/film Workshop Assistant

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Adult Learning Road show – Photography Workshops
Public photography workshops in 6 locations around Staffordshire. Our drop-in street based photography and IT workshops/ demonstrations, help break down the barriers that some adults face when trying to re-enter learning.
Details> open to everyone
My role> Art and Media Workshop Assistant