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Photography in Iceland

Great trip away a few weeks ago to photograph the Aurora Borealis. Unfortunately no stars where visible let alone the Northern lights 🙁

Sheena and Alex Darcy wedding shots

Congratulations to Sheena and Alex Darcy

Mr Charlie’s Photo Shoot

Portrait photography by Mixedmedia in your own home or at a studio in Stafford Prices from £56

Our Portrait and Wedding Photography

Creative portrait photography sessions Capture those special moments with the people you love and in an environment close to your heart. Portraits are all about capturing a person…

‘Scapes at the Shirehall Art Gallery

The new exhibition ‘Scapes opened at the weekend at the Shire Hall Gallery, which includes a wonderful collection of digital photography, watercolour painting, leaf designs and a collaborative…

Creative Photography #bmx

Photography session at Gainsborough Artworks with Josh Bright a Staffordshire bmxer.

Remembering the work of Shirley Baker

One of the leading photographers of the past century, Shirley Baker, sadly died towards the end of September. Here Tom Gillmor, of the Mary Evans Picture Library, who…

Photos of the last Bluebells

Out into the countryside to see the last of the Bluebells

Congratulations to Rachel & Martin Barnett

Spent a lovely weekend with the fabulous Rachel and Martin Barnett out at Moorville Hall for their wedding. We have also been very busy at Canvas Hut creating personalised images…

Fog and sunset over Anglesey

Some photographs from Conwy Beach and the Sychnant Pass. They show the fog enveloping Anglesey and then slowly drifting towards us as the sun set! 12/3/14 Time to…

10 Photography Activities for Kids

From Tots100 Scavenger Hunt Send your kids on a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Send them on an adventure to photograph as many things as possible beginning with a certain…

Photographs from the summer