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Website updates (shops)

Recent design and updates to a few customers websites over the last month. Cushy Paws – Pet Portraits We have been tinkering with the layouts and working…

Cheeky Christmas Cards

New 2015 Christmas card designs A5 148 × 210mm £2 each or all 4 for £6 email to order 

ASA Productions LTD’s new website by Mixedmedia

ASA’s original website was using Adobe Flash and wordpress for its shop content. Working with Mixedmedia we combined both sections of the site into one new wordpress design…

Our Websites

Bespoke feature packed e-commerce website’s from £999 including VAT Key Features: Easy to use and intuitive Windows interface with Start Up and Design Wizards to get you up…

Congratulations to Rachel & Martin Barnett

Spent a lovely weekend with the fabulous Rachel and Martin Barnett out at Moorville Hall for their wedding. We have also been very busy at Canvas Hut creating personalised images…

We’re happy to help

After several days of messing about with wordpress and being frustrated that it doesn’t look like I want my site to look like, do what I want it…

“When you’re in love” by Keith Forrest

New video by Mixedmedia Keith Forrest is a Midlands-based singer/songwriter. Many of his songs have a strong inspirational/spiritual ethos. Description Keith’s main instrument is an acoustic guitar, but…

Promo CD Cover for Paloma Faith

Keith Forrest and gang, new track going off to Paloma Faith  —   cover by Mixedmedia

Filming Keith Forrest and Band

Great fun last night filming Keith Forrest and Band with Mixedmedia Productions – pics and new music videos coming soon — at St Mary’s Sneak peek of Keith Forrest‘s music vid  — with Keith Forrest at St Mary’s. photos…

“Down Low” by GrooveDealer

new vid up onto youtube 😀 – GrooveDealer Down Low New Video!!!BIG thanks to all who played/performed on it and to Mixedmedia for the vid!!Enjoy!!

Groovedealer CD cover

A successful photo-shoot and Photoshop fun, then the CD cover is on its way  — with Mae Cunningham.

Create a Facebook collage

Our NEW Facebook collage designs at Canvas Hut – we can put all your photo’s or friends profile pictures onto a lovely big canvas