After several days of messing about with wordpress and being frustrated that it doesn’t look like I want my site to look like, do what I want it to do, I admit defeat and accept that I will never understand how to mess about with templates and slideshows and prepare to accept that my ideas will never be reality unless…

And in steps Stuart from mixedmedia. My webrock! Of course he is willing to come down on his day off and help. Good job really as he is the only person who puts up with my constant diatribe of questions, moans and ‘buts’. No-one else would. What’s more he very kindly and patiently shows me how to do several things I’ve been struggling with and a few hours later he has transformed my frustration to jubilation as the site starts to resemble my prototype designs!

It’s obviously way off being completed but he has left me confident I can at least upload posts and images and they will end up on the screen in hopefully the right place.

So let’s try it out with this little taster.

by Dawn Jutton Photography