Tube map circuit board doubles as working radio (Wired UK)

Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki has etched the tube map onto a circuit board, and turned the whole thing into a radio.

As part of the London Design Museum’sDesigners In Residence programme, Suzuki recreated Harry Beck’s iconic map of the London Underground on a PCB, complete with speaker, resistor and battery components dotted around the capital.

But they’re not just for show. The whole thing is a working radio, with a full-size antenna. Stations are labelled, but some names are slightly tweaked — “Earl’s Coil” for example, or “Picadilly Circuit”.

The Design Museum’s website explains that Suzuki’s radio “investigates the workings of consumer electronics”. His previous work includes a turntable with five arms, a book that tells a story with barcodes, and a hand-made geiger-counter.