PSX_20140201_214753Come and have a look at our new website we have created for Julie Hancock and her company CraftyKidz.

About Craftykidz

Craftykidz was founded in 2009, inspired by my youngest of 3 children aged just 5 at the time. “I want to do a club that makes fun stuff like we do mum” He said “Ok, let’s see what we can find”

There wasn’t a club we could find that fulfilled his needs.

Imagination fired and full of energy, a small class was developed. It worked a treat; gluing, sticking, creating, making and baking began in earnest. The only requirements, a good measure of enthusiasm and a

cup of imagination.

Founder Julie Hancock

“Can we take it home” the children ask “Absolutely”was my reply

Every masterpiece is taken home to be displayed pride of place at home, a very important co

mponent of the children feeling proud of their achievements.

And with no mess at home – always a bonus

Some of those children from my first class are still with me today, 5 years later.

I feel very privileged that I have been able to nurture and develop their core skills providing them with the tools they require to fire up their imagination and set them on life’s journey.

That journey has taken my eldest two children on the path of creativity with my eldest son achieving a first class honours degree in material engineering with design and my daughter in her 2nd year textiles student at university.